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Greetings malchicks and devotchkas!I am happy to inform you that I'm available for a special type of comissions: what I call cosplay portraits or paintovers.

* What is a cosplay portrait?
Pretty self explanatory; is a digital, colored illustration of yourself cosplaying as a character, o just your plain self.

* How is it any different than a traditional o digital portrait?
There are some techniques involved such as tracing or color sampling that could not be achieved with traditonal media. Also, I'll try to recreate the aesthetics of the mottif, i.d marvel cosplay won't be drawn or colored the same way that anime, or television ones.

* What exactly do you do, and what is the price range?

Illustrations with or without background in a variety of styles, based on a photo reference. Usually from cosplay, but it can be just a photo you want drawn in a certain style. The prices are between 30 and 60 euros; depending on the style, background and other factors; so please note me or send an email to  for a custom budget.

Here's some examples made in collaborarion with Nebulaluben and Jesus Clares

Cordelia- Cosplay portrait by Abend86      
  Catherine or Katherine? by Abend86   


*What won't you do unlees I pay you a ridiculous amount?

        Photomanipulations and retouch---> I don't have anything against them, but that's the photoghaphers field, not mine. The portraits I make are entrirely drawn manually; with no photo parts or textures used in the image. Yup, you read right, it's the real deal!

        Fan arts-- I do make some fan arts...for myself. I don't think it's entirely fair to sell fanarts; plus I'm not interested in copying other people's designs, or drawing themes I'm not passionate about; so I just work with photo references.

*Ok, now I know what you do, why do yo do it?

It comes down to three reasons:

            - I love cosplay and I think it's interesting to provide cosplayers with the artist's view of themselves in costume. Since cosplay struggles to make fantasy come to live and  arstists struggle to make fantasy look believable, and all that deep, boring stuff

            - It's an excellent way for me to keep improving  my skills

            - A girl has to eat

*Can I upload the artwork, post it etc?

Yes, with proper credit. I'd appreciate to get a link back to the posted artwork, but it's not necessary  ^___^

*Can I resell it or use it without giving credit?

Absolutely not

* I NEED IT NAOOO!!!, how soon can I get my comission done?

It usually doesn't take more than a week. Again, it depends on many factors like the style or the workload I have at the time. Just send me a note or email with any doubts you may have and I'll be happy to help you clear them

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Depending on style, background, nš of characters...   I also can work in discounts if you alow me to showcase the work; but in order to do so; you need to be the owner of the photo,  so better send me a note on a specific photo and style ^___^
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March 10, 2014
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